Screen printing and sublimation printing both have their advantages and disadvantages. Screen printing is cheaper, especially when you order a larger quantity. A single-color screen print can cost around $1-3 per piece for a dozen to twenty-four pieces, while embroidery costs around $4-6 per piece for the same quantity. The latter has several advantages, including reduced setup time and the elimination of the need for pretreatment. Sublimation printing uses a special ink that transfers the design directly to the garment.

Screen printing is an industry standard for superior quality. Graphic t-shirts found at major retail stores have been screen-printed. Its purpose is to make garments bold while still being cost-effective. The process begins by creating mesh stencils for each color. These stencils are printed on a test sheet first, then pushed through the mesh screens one color at a time. Once the printing process is complete, each piece is put through a large dryer to cure the inks.

Another method of apparel printing is thermal transfer printing. Heat transfer printing requires a conventional printer, transfer paper, and a heat press. Although it produces a high-quality print, this method is not always the best option. Its disadvantages include cost per print, uneven results in washing, and transfer paper peeling or cracking. Additionally, heat transfer printing results in an unnatural feel to the shirt. In general, heat transfer printing is the most expensive type of apparel printing but is the most versatile.

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing is another option. With this method, an inkjet printer uses water-based textile ink to print designs directly on apparel. Unlike transfer printing, the ink is absorbed into the fabric, so the print remains durable. Another advantage of DTG printing is the ability to use unlimited colors in one design. It saves time and allows for greater creative freedom. So, it’s definitely worth considering. To find out more on apparel printing visit Tacoma Printing the best custom print shop in Tacoma.