As the name suggests, Family Attorneys deal with legal issues involving families. These include divorce proceedings, custody agreements, and spousal support. They are also involved in a variety of other cases, including adoptions and child abuse. These lawyers are typically hired by private individuals and businesses, though some work for government agencies such as the police or courts.

Family law attorneys are problem-solvers, analysts, and communicators rolled into one. They help their clients through difficult emotional situations and use their knowledge of the law to advocate on their behalf in court. They often have to work with financial professionals and psychologists as well.

A typical day for a Family Attorney begins with an initial consultation with their client, where they discuss the details of the case and ask questions. The lawyer then prepares documents such as petitions, affidavits, and motions to present to a judge. In many cases, the lawyer will negotiate with opposing parties before taking the matter to court.

The most common issue for Family Attorneys to deal with is divorce. Spousal support and property division are two of the main issues that arise in a divorce. A good Family Attorney will be able to guide their client through this difficult process by advising them on the potential outcomes and helping them prepare for court appearances and mediation sessions.

Some attorneys specialize in child custody issues, and they can assist their clients through the often confusing process of obtaining a custody agreement. They can represent the interests of their client in court and at mediation sessions, and they may even be able to persuade opposing parties to come to an agreement that is in the best interest of their client and the child.

Other types of family cases that these attorneys handle include drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. These can be valuable tools for couples who wish to protect their assets in the event of a divorce. In addition, they can also help their clients file for restraining orders against abusive partners.

Domestic violence is a serious problem that affects a large number of people every year. A Family Attorney who specializes in this area of the law can help victims obtain protective orders against their abusers and get the help they need to rebuild their lives. In addition to providing legal representation, these attorneys can also provide counseling and referrals to other services that may be available to their clients. For example, some of these attorneys can connect their clients with financial planners and therapists who can help them cope with the trauma of domestic violence. They can also recommend community programs that offer help for victims and their children.